At StepLadder we seek out companies with mobile-centric business models that disrupt consumer and business workflows. 

Meet some of our portfolio companies:





InSequent's is a Local-as-a-Service platform. A comprehensive digital services platform with everything from website builder to SMS, SEM and SEO. An engagement platform for media sites and apps. And an on-demand home services app. All products are available for white label to media partners and other complementary solution providers.




As in "I need a...handyman, housekeeper, plumber, massage, haircut..." The Needa app is on-demand meets home services. Regular provider not available or cancelled? Find a substitute instantly and book them. Secure payment right through the app. 




OOH! (Out of Home) Is a proprietary interconnected Ad Platform that connects our own revolutionary mobile APP with connected cars, moment partner APIs, mobile phones, marketing partners and consumers.



Vine Talk

VINETALK is on the verge of establishing itself as the premier goto informational wine resource for the vast majority of wine drinkers in America.  Utilizing a comprehensive entertainment-oriented, celebrity-driven mediasolution—from broadcast to mobile to digitalmedia—VINETALK is positioned to appeal to a huge under-served consumer base, by setting a new approach and style for drinkers, decision makers and opinion leaders.  VINETALK completed a first broadcast season as the number one rated wine program on national television, where it connected to over 25 million viewers—more than 50x the number of subscribers to the wineindustry’s long-time leading media property.





Salon HQ is a comprehensive app for the $35 billion hair care/beauty industry. The app resides in the center of the ecosystem providing utility for consumers, service providers, brands, distributors, publishers and educators. Please visit the Salon HQ website for more information.