StepLadder cultivates existing businesses. StepLab creates new businesses.

We identify high potential markets and develop our own products for those selected markets into start-up companies. Below are the first companies developed within StepLab.


As in, I "need a" handyman... housekeeper... plumber... snow shoveler... lawn mower... massage... The Needa app is like Uber meets CraigsList. Regular provider not available or cancelled? Find a substitute instantly and book them. Secure payment right through the app. Next time your housekeeper cancels the day of your big party, don't worry, help is just a tap away.


Sidewalkin is a white label mobile app for IOS and Android phones. Consumers who download the app can set their geo-fence perimeter and see special offers of their choice as they travel around. Coffee shops, sporting goods, events, restaurants, bars, day spas or all of the above. Sidewalkin is designed to be "skinned" and branded by media companies or anyone looking to offer this type of app in the markets they serve and to the merchants who do business there.


FundLocal is localized crowd-funding. Now you can look to your neighbors and townspeople to fund your new project that you can all enjoy. Talk about win-win. You get your dream project funded and those that benefit from the new addition to the neighborhood (restaurant, athletic club...) can help you make it come true. Now the whole town is better off and you have a thriving new business with loyal customers. FundLocal is the local business funding nexus.



SalonHQ is the new hub for the $35 billion dollar hair and beauty industry. We provide service for a customer in need, career opportunity for the stylist/barber, industry services for business, and education opportunities for the stylist/barber wanting to take charge on a new career path. Look no further, we are here.