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This video courtesy of Google for Entrepreneurs is great primer on the investment process for prospective entrepreneurs. It's well worth 40 minutes of your time. The list below contains some of the more helpful blogs and startup resources we have come across. Know others? Let us know.

The Pro-rata Participation Right Defined

Venture Hacks - Advice for startups

99 Designs - almost 1 million designers at your fingertips.

Start-up Grind - startup community of over 100k entrepreneurs.

WeWork - startup office space around the world.

Both Sides of the Table - VC blog of Mark Suster

Ex Post Facto - VC blog of Tomasz Tunguz

For Entrepreneurs - VC blog of David Skok

Chris Dixon - VC blog of Chris Dixon

The Review - VC Blog of First Round Capital

A VC - VC Blog of Fred Wilson

How Convertible Debt Works

The Lean Startup - VC Blog of Steve Blank

InSequent - build your website and a host of other marketing tools

Find the Perfect Co-Founder

Ladies Who Launch - an active site for female entrepreneurs

Y Combinator Founder Paul Graham's Essays

Reddit Startups - loads of user posts from people like you

500 Startups Founder Dave McClure's inveterate blog

Harvard Business Review blog - from the fine folks at HBS. Yes, they talk startups too!

The Funded - Founders discuss fundings, rate the VCs and more



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